Hiking Vs Running – Which Is Better For Weight Loss And Burning Calories?

by Crazy Hiker
Hiking Vs Running for Weight Loss And Burning Calories

There is always a debate about Hiking vs Running, which one is better? Both are fun outdoor activities that can be performed very well to lose weight and improve fitness.

The fact can’t be denied that Hiking or Running both have some benefits over the other. And the process of weight loss results in a slim and good body shape.

weight loss with hiking

It decreases the body fluid present in your body in different forms. With the help of proper dieting, workout, hiking, and other outdoor activities you can keep yourself in shape. 

Intake of excess calories gets settled in the body as fat. This excessive accumulation of fat causes many diseases. A regular exercise routine is great to get rid of excess fat and living a healthy life. 

Hiking Vs Running For Weight Loss

Hiking Vs Running For Weight Loss

Running and Hiking both have similar effects on the body. They are good to lose weight along with enjoying nature. It is significant to burn calories to lose weight.

They are popular when it comes to the weight loss and fitness of an individual. People are getting advantages of these methods as they get you in good shape along with living the beauty of nature. 

Hiking For Weight Loss and Its Benefits

Hiking For Weight Loss and Its Benefits

There are exercises that are mostly focused on weight loss and fitness. But some people who love hiking know that hiking is a better option. It is so much interesting and enthusiastic process to live a healthy life.

People are confused with the question: “Is Hiking A Cardio Exercise?” 

Hiking for beginners is known to be a great way to lose weight. It includes outdoor adventures like backpacking, climbing, camping, mountaineering, long-distance hiking, etc.

Benefits of Hiking 

  • It reduces the risk of diseases with its cardiovascular form of exercise. Hiking involves the full-body movement full-body which ensures a good workout. 
  • Hiking improves blood pressure levels and keeps the sugar levels controlled. 
  • It is a refreshing exercise for the body, mind, and soul. You will experience the healing power of beautiful nature. 
  • The process of hiking is useful in gaining good strength in core and leg muscles. 

Running For Weight Loss And Its Benefits

Running For Weight Loss And Its Benefits

Running is very useful in improving muscle strength. It is a challenging task to lose weight by running. It takes time to reduce your body weight with running.

You need to be regular and push yourself to run more and more distance. The body types of people are different and these exercises affect everyone in different ways. 

According to the experts, you will get better results for weight loss with running by trying these simple tips. It is a fun and refreshing workout for any age group.

Don’t run too fast, just run at a normal speed continuously few minutes. Take a sprint and stop, again run for some time. You can continue it for a few repetitions. Running for small intervals and resting will be great for weight loss. 

Benefits of Running

  • To keep yourself healthy running is a good form of exercise. It is a proven fact that running helps to lose weight. It burns a lot of calories and maintains the strength of the muscles. 
  • Running is a motivator and good for mental health. But the pressure of achieving goals for weight loss and other exercising targets gives you a negative impact. 
  • All the way it is an obvious and cheap activity. You do not need any expensive gears to start running on a daily basis.
  • It is a beneficial cardiovascular workout that makes you more energetic and doesn’t let you get tired easily.

Hiking Vs Running Shoes

Shoes are manufactured with special features according to their wearing purpose. There are differences between hiking shoes or boots and athletic running shoes.

The main difference exists in the design, size, durability, life span, weight, material, etc. You can choose the shoes or boots for trail running or hiking according to the trails or terrain you are going to explore. 

Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Running Shoes 

Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Running Shoes 

Hiking shoes are made with the purpose of protecting the feet of the hikers against any injuries on unknown trails. 

On the other hand, the running shoes are made lightweight for short trail running. They are less protective and likely do not support under heavy load conditions. 

Hiking boots offer good protection and ankle support during outdoor adventures. There are light-weight leather boots are available at affordable prices. 

For running, If there are runners who are thinking about the needs of trail running and making sure they are cool, versatile, and excellent for a long hike, keep in mind that trail runners offer a lesser weight and will still protect your feet.


Hope you got the exact answer that you were looking for Hiking vs Running. Hiking is a great adventure activity to explore various trails. Always hike with proper and protective gear. 

Hiking boots and running shoes should be chosen as per your adventure travel need. The running shoes are most suitable for shorter hikes. While hiking boots are made stronger and resist wear during long hikes. 


Why do hikers get fat after a Hike?

Most of the hikers complain about it. The primary reason is that hikers drink a lot of water which leads to more water weight. High-calorie intake during hikes also adds up to the weight. When you do exercise the fat is converted to build strong muscles which lead to a gain in weight.

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